Testing Principles

The NG DetecTool is a new detection system that allows for the fast, affordable, user-friendly and direct detection of antibiotic-degrading enzymes in clinical samples. With this device, the process of detecting multi-drug resistant bacteria is shortened to a mere 15 minutes.

This presentation is a practical guide that aims to provide users with the knowledge that will allow them to gain a thorough grasp of the detection procedure.

The presentation describes the process for detecting AMR with the NG DetecTool in three types of samples: blood, urine and rectal swab.

The presentation will explain the following:

  • the test’s operating principle based on a lateral flow immunoassay
  • the structure and components of the device
  • the role of the device’s components
  • the process of testing
  • the evaluation of test results
  • the actions to be taken based on the results

Please click on the below picture to view the presentation – the presentation includes animated slides:

Please click here to download the ppt presentation. Please note that this ppt has animated pages so you should watch the ppt in presentation mode.

The below video is a short overview on using the NG DetecTool device. Click on the full-screen icon to enlarge the video .